Homer Laughlin Yellowstone Gravy Boat & UnderPlate Pink Moss Rose Red Trim Rare

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Do You Love and Collect Vintage Homer Laughlin Dinnerware?  

A beautiful Homer Laughlin Yellowstone Gravy Boat and UnderPlate with the Pink Moss Rose decoration and the very Rare Red Trim.   Gravy Boat is 9 inches from the spout to the handle and the UnderPlate is also 9 inches long.

Most known variations of this pretty Yellowstone Pattern, (and also with other HLC Shapes) have the Green or Black trim, (the thin line around the inside of the rim.   This item also features a Whiter, lighter base color, (rather than the normal "Yellow" color - hence the shape name "Yellowstone")  and a thin Red Line as the trim.  All the HLC Decals that were "trimmed" in Red, (Mexicana, etc.) were only made in small select batches and are very rare and very collectible today... 


Condition: Excellent Vintage Preowned!  Has a couple of tiny marks/imperfections but looks really good for something that is over 90 years old.  UnderPlate also has a few lines of crazing.   See pictures.

NO chips, cracks or crazing.