The Yellowstone Shape was introduced by Homer Laughlin in the mid-1920's and was one of a couple lines of Homer Laughlin China that really propelled the enormous growth of Homer Laughlin during the "Roaring Twenties".  

By 1927, almost half of the HLC Production capacity was devoted to producing Yellowstone items, (three out of six existing Manufacturing Plants) or almost 50 of 100 of the state of the art at the time - modern "Tunnel Kilns".  At one point they were producing 120,000 Yellowstone items a day! 

So why are Yellowstone items so rare and hard to find today in decent condition? They made 10's of millions of pieces annually over many years.  The answer lies in its popularity.  Yellowstone was sold at Woolworth's and other popular variety stores of the day and was one of the most common "Everyday" china brands.  Everybody had this china in their homes and used it.  We mean really used it!  It was so beaten up - that few examples survived being handed down over the last 80 plus years.

Today because of the Rarity, Uniqueness and Vintage look and feel, Yellowstone is very Collectible and often on display with other antiques in the living room, den or other non-kitchen areas.

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