Golden Wheat

Golden Wheat

Does anybody remember Duz Detergent?  These timeless Golden Wheat dishes originated as premiums in boxes of Duz detergent during the 1950's.  Each month brought a different packaged dish carefully inserted in a box of laundry detergent.  Not sure how they fit the Dinner plate or the Platters in the box but that is what they did...  Folks stockpiled closets full of detergent in order to collect the entire set of these sturdy dishes. 

Imagine a manufacturer giving away something as beautiful and practical as these now very collectible dishes in ANY product today?  In the era of down-sizing quantity for the same amount of money - finding a bonus dish in a box of anything would cause serious medical emergencies around the neighborhood on a regular basis...

Also, although these were free for the cost of the soap, people collected, displayed these and used them as their best china - reserved for holidays and special occasions.  Times were different back then...

People tell us they collect these classic dishes because of the fond memories of their Mother, Grandmother, or Aunt opening a box and finding the dish of the month while doing the laundry or while they were helping set the table with them for special occasions.   Or even how they grew up with these family heirlooms and listened to their Mom tell them the story over and over of her Mother/Grandmother doing just that.  

But isn't that why we collect anything?  It's not the objects themselves - but the feelings, memories and emotions that happen with these cherished objects.  The almost forgotten connections...  They come magically back as we hold these beautiful dishes, when we touch them, feel them.   That's the value, that is what is so special - that's why we collect...

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