Memory Lane

Memory Lane

Royal China introduced this Pattern in 1964 using some of the Decals from the Currier and Ives and other less popular lines they had produced up until that point.  The biggest difference from some of the earlier Lines and this one was it produced using just a few colors - the main one being a Red color - or actually more commonly today called "Pink".  

To come up with a final product color of the lighter Pink, they actually start out with a dark Maroon color on the item and after firing - it becomes the reddish Pink color that you see in the finished product.

Like most other Royal China products this pattern was sold direct to a few limited retail outlets, but mostly it was sold to Grocery and Discount Chains to be given away or sold as premiums.  The Memory Lane Pattern was very short lived and abruptly discontinued after just a few short years when the company was purchased by Jeannette in late 1969.  

Memory Lane, although not as popular and collectible today as the Currier & Ives Patterns, it is still very much sought out although it is more of a challenge to find quality pieces because ot the limited production run.

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