Johnson Brothers

Johnson Brothers

Johnson Bros was founded in England in 1883 by Alfred, Frederick, Henry Johnson. The brothers were already very familiar with the pottery industry as their Mother was the daughter of Alfred Meakin, a very famous Potter at the time.

A fourth brother, Robert joined the company later and relocated to America to allow the Brothers to take advantage of the emerging Dinnerware market in the US during the early 1900's.

At first they became successful manufacturing a durable earthenware called "White Granite". In the 1890's they developed a low cost and durable product that became known as "Semi-Porcelain". It had the characteristics of fine china, but the durability of ironstone. Exported to America, it became very popular in the States because of it's durability and affordability.

Throughout the 20th century Johnson Bros introduced many Dinnerware patterns that today have become very desirable, very collectible and more popular than ever.

Some of the patterns always in demand by today's collectors include: The Friendly Village, Indian Tree, Harvest Time, Old Britain Castles, Blue Willow, Coaching Scenes, Rose Chintz, and Summer Chintz

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