The Nautilus Shape was introduced in 1936 and differed quite a bit from most of the Dinnerware shapes and patterns debuting around that time.  It was slightly heavy, relatively conservative in shape and featured some "ocean like" design elements on some of the handles and feet of the Serving Pieces.   The "Eggshell" Nautilus Shape was introduced a year or so later and borrowed some of the styling of the Nautilus Flatware, but the Serving pieces look distinctively different.  Of course the Eggshell items are also noticeably lighter in look and feel.  One way to tell the difference between Eggshell Nautilus and Nautilus is the Stamp.  The Eggshell items always had the word "Eggshell" in the stamp while the Nautilus just has the plain Homer Laughlin stamp.   

The other vintage Nautilus Pattern that is very popular today is Lady Greenbriar.



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